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Boarding Facility & Prices

Please note: Effective 10/17/19, we will no longer be offering dog boarding. This was a difficult decision as we know many of our clients rely on our boarding facility. We also know that all of our clients value the top-notch medical care we provide and have come to appreciate our stress-less manner in which we provide medical care. Eliminating boarding will allow us to add a quieter, less busy space in which we can provide care to visiting pets. We will also be expanding our grooming area. We will continue to provide cat, small exotic mammal, reptile/amphibian, and bird boarding.

Weare Animal Hospital’s state-of-the-art facility is equipped with various dog kennels, indoor and outdoor runs, regular cat kennels or the more spacious kitty condos. We also board exotic pets. Our Boarding Facility has the latest in climate control to provide your pet with comfort.

Dog kennels and runs come in a variety of sizes. Dogs are let outside in our fenced runs four times daily for exercise. All pets are given blankets to lie on for comfort. We feed Hills Science Diet Adult Maintenance (dry or canned) food. If you would like to bring your pet’s food from home, we can certainly accommodate you.

Cats have their own room in which they can play. Ferrets also get one to two hours of play time a day.

We board exotic pets such as ferrets (and we give them the necessary play time outside their cage), rabbits, and guinea pigs. We also board birds. Please bring your own cage. Call the Hospital at 529-4999 for details and reservations.

Boarding Agreement: Prior to bringing your pet for boarding, please take the time to download our Boarding Agreement (PDF format) and complete it for EACH pet.

Boarding Facility Prices

  • Prices are based on nights spent here.
  • A $5.00 Holiday surcharge is added to New Year’ s Eve and Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Eve and Day.
  • Diabetic pets $12 per day additional surcharge.
Dog Boarding Prices:
  • Indoor Run (1 dog) $33.00
  • Indoor Run (2 dogs) $37.00
  • Indoor Run (3 small dogs) $37.00
  • Giant Cage (1 dog) $26.00
  • Giant Cage (2 small dogs) $30.00
  • Large Cage (1 dog) $25.00
  • Large Cage (2 small dogs) $29.00
  • Small Cage (1 dog) $22.00
Cat Boarding Prices:
  • Condo (up to 3 cats) $32.00
  • Medium Cage (up to 2 cats) $26.00
  • Small Cage (1 cat) $21.00
Ferrets and ‘Pocket’ Pet Boarding Prices:
  • Medium Cage (3 to 6 pets) $33.00
  • Medium Cage (up to 2 pets) $26.00
  • Small Cage (1 pet) $21.00
Rabbit Boarding Prices:
  • Small Cage $23.00
  • Medium Cage $27.00
  • Rabbit Condo/Hutch $28.00
Bird Boarding Prices: bring your own cage OR ours, various sizes $30.00 Reptile Boarding Prices: bring your own cage ONLY $31.00